Salmonid Interpretation Center

Located at Grand Falls Fishway. Exhibits on history, biology and habitat of the Atlantic Salmon. Underwater viewing windows and other live exhibits. Restaurant and gift shop on site. 100% accessibility to all buildings.

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Fresh Water Biology Services

From its early days of developing the Exploits River, Environment Resources Management Association (ERMA), has assembled an experienced group of professionals that have acquired expertise in all areas of planning, completing, operating and monitoring all aspects of Freshwater Biology programs.

Today this work continues for clients in the Central Newfoundland area that require Freshwater Biology services. A team of three biologist, project planner and experienced technicians complete contracts for both the Public sector and the Private sector.
These contracts include:

  • -Stream surveys
  • -Stream restoration
  • -Habitat improvements
  • -Stocking program
  • -Fish Passage Systems Operations
  • -Live Capture and transfers
  • -Incubation and Rearing
  • -Various other related services

Its client list includes:
  • -AbitibiBowater
  • -Star Lake Hydro Partnership
  • -Aur Resources
  • -Dept of Fisheries & Oceans - Freshwater Section
  • -Dept of Fisheries & Oceans - Habitat Section