Salmonid Interpretation Center

Located at Grand Falls Fishway. Exhibits on history, biology and habitat of the Atlantic Salmon. Underwater viewing windows and other live exhibits. Restaurant and gift shop on site. 100% accessibility to all buildings.

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Environment Resources Management Association

Environment Resources Management Association had it's beginning in 1984 when the Chamber of Commerce in Grand Falls felt that development of the Exploits River as a major Atlantic Salmon producing river could provide much needed employment throughout the entire Region

Spearheaded by local interested citizens this Association embarked on one of the biggest economic developments that would occur in the Exploits Valley. From an annual adult population of 1,000 the River has seen as high as 33,000 Atlantic Salmon return for the annual spawning ritual. This not only makes the River a world class producer but ranks second in the largest producing river of Atlantic Salmon in North America.

During the course of development many other related activities were undertaken apart from the building of Fishways and the major stocking program to introduce fish to the upper watershed. This included major cleanup of the river shoreline from Grand Falls - Windsor to Bishop's Falls, Public Education and Awareness programs, establishment of a major Tourism attraction at the Grand Falls and the beginning of the Exploits Valley Salmon Festival.

During the development years, direct benefits to the entire region were achieved by employing approximately 75 people from carpenters to biologists in the project. For several years the Association was a major employer in the Buchans area who were facing uncertain times following the closure of the Mines. Over $20 Million was spent locally in wages, services and goods during the construction and development phase.

Today the Association is still very active in areas of Freshwater Biology and Tourism related activities including:

- Salmonid Interpretation Centre
- Restaurant and Gift Shop
- Sanger RV Park
- Operation of Fishways on the Exploits System
- Operation of Brook Trout Incubation and Rearing Facility
- Biology field work for Government and Private Industry

In addition to these past and present activities, the Association has also lobbied on items that would protect and further enhance all of our natural resources.

Volunteer Contribution:

The main ingredient for success of the Association is the expertise and contribution from the many volunteer Board members over the past 18 years. Interested people from all parts of the region have served on the Board from all walks of life and related professions .

The Association has a five person Executive and a Board of Directors that give the Association its direction and who oversees the operations and policies of the Senior Staff.

Under the leadership from the Board of Directors the Association has been recognized with many National and Provincial awards including:

- National Recreational Fishery Award (Dept of Fisheries and Oceans, Ottawa)
- Affiliate of the Year ( Atlantic Salmon Federation)
- Sustainable Development Award ( Parks Canada)
- Environmental Award ( Dept of Environment)
- Business Excellence Award (Acoa)

Operations Staff:

Presently ERMA employs approximately 50 people on a seasonal basis. A team of five Managers under the direction of the General Manager conduct the various operations of the Association. All of the management team are long term employees of the Association and have many years experience in their related field. From Administration staff, Freshwater Biologist, Aquaculturist, Senior Technicians, and Public Service personnel, the Association has the ability to acquire and complete many and varied contracts.