Salmonid Interpretation Center

Located at Grand Falls Fishway. Exhibits on history, biology and habitat of the Atlantic Salmon. Underwater viewing windows and other live exhibits. Restaurant and gift shop on site. 100% accessibility to all buildings.

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Welcome to the Salmonid Interpretation Centre, located on the Exploits River and one of the largest Atlantic Salmon enhancement projects in North America.

Exhibits on the main floor highlight this development as well as the history, biology, ecology and habitat of Atlantic Salmon.

Visit the observation level and view the "King of Fish" as it migrates upstream to it's spawing habitat, along with other species including Brook Trout, Sticklebacks and Live Eels.

Enjoy a meal from our restaurant on the patio or shop for that unique souvenir in our well-stocked gift shop.

Stay at our fully-services RV park within walking distance from downtown Grand Falls-Windsor and major sports complex.

Located on the Exploits River at the Grand Falls Fishway, two kilometers from downtown Grand Falls-Windsor, the centre is open from mid-June to mid-September.

Hours of operation are from 8am to 8pm daily, with interpretive guides available to assist in your visit.

The centre, concessions building and site are 100 per cent accessible to the physically disabled.

A nominal fee is charged for a daily or full seasons pass. Group rates available on request. All proceeds used for the furtherance of conservation and public awareness of our resources.