Salmonid Interpretation Center

Located at Grand Falls Fishway. Exhibits on history, biology and habitat of the Atlantic Salmon. Underwater viewing windows and other live exhibits. Restaurant and gift shop on site. 100% accessibility to all buildings.

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Welcome to Salmonid Interpretation Center

Part of Environment Resources Mangement Association

The Salmon Enhancement on the Exploits River is the largest of its kind in North American and to highlight this development an Interperation Centre is operated ain Grand Falls-Windsor, NL.

Located on the Exploits River at the "Grand Falls", the Centre has exhibits on the history, biology, ecology and habitat of the Atlantic Salmon. Vistors can view the King of Fish through underwater windows as it travels upstream to the spawing habitat and take in the view of the Falls and nesting Seagulls. Enjoy a meal from the resaurant or shop for that unique gift.

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